About Total Safety Systems

Total Safety provides a full range of industrial safety services. They deliver services to the aerospace, petrochemical refining, energy, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial and commercial sectors. They had a need for a Monitoring Application.


A desktop application for monitoring the following functionalities:

1. Camera Surveillance:
   - The system is capable of displaying real-time images from a selected set of cameras upon detection on the connected screens. Each camera has a unique IP, and communication occurs via TCP/IP.

2. Gas Measurements:
   - Gas measurements can be retrieved and monitored via a bus interface. To ensure safety, sirens and alarms are triggered when certain alarm levels are exceeded. Measurements are displayed in real-time on the screen and updated as new results become available.

3. Custom Configuration:
   - The location and environment of the systems vary greatly. Therefore, the interface allows an administrator to fully customize the system: the number of cameras, site names, locations, with or without gas measurements or alarms, etc.

4. Multi-Threading and Autonomy:
   - It is crucial that the system continues to operate and provide real-time feedback at all times. Gas measurements processing, camera image processing, and control of alarms and sirens are fully multi-threaded. In case of errors with peripheral equipment, the system automatically recovers and restarts the necessary threads.



The "Z-Group Monitoring Suite" is a desktop application designed to enable an operator to monitor hazardous spaces. The user interface is implemented in WPF, and database communication is done using LINQ to SQL.




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