Quiz: What Type of IT Consultant Are You?
Skout Knappers 23/05/2024

Quiz: What Type of IT Consultant Are You?

Are You Ready for the Challenge? Take Our IT Quiz!

**Discover Your IT Profile in 5 Minutes!**

Curious if a career in IT consultancy suits you? Take our short quiz and find out! With a few simple questions, we'll determine your IT profile.


**Your ideal workday consists of:**

A. Solving complex problems and technical challenges.

B. Endless meetings about the perfect font size for the presentation.

C. Learning new things and constantly developing yourself.


**How do you respond to changes?**

A. I love predictability (I run screaming if something unexpected happens).

B. I am flexible and can quickly adapt to new situations (I'm chaotic enough to keep up).

C. I see changes as an opportunity to grow and learn new things (I can treat myself to an extra snack on French Fry Wednesday during lunch).


**You are at your best when:**

A. You can work independently on a task and stay focused.

B. You can share ideas with others and seek solutions together.

C. You can explain how you solve IT problems using Star Wars analogies.


**Customer communication for you is:**

A. A necessary evil, preferring technical details over conversations.

B. An important part of the project, enjoying building relationships.

C. A challenge, being able to explain complex matters clearly.


**How do you handle stressful deadlines?**

A. I take a spontaneous lunch break to relax.

B. I enjoy working under pressure and find it motivating to meet deadlines.

C. I stay calm, organize tasks well, and meet my deadlines.


**What is your favorite IT-related meme?**

A. I find memes unprofessional in the workplace!

B. Memes are a great way to communicate with colleagues and reduce stress.

C. I can use memes to explain complex IT concepts in a humorous way.


**Ready? Check Your Results!**

**Mostly A's: The Analytical Problem Solver**

You are a detail-oriented IT professional who enjoys solving complex puzzles. Your specialization might be in technical infrastructure, network security, or system management. Check out our job openings!

**Mostly B's: The Collaborative Communication Expert**

You are a team player who thrives in a social work environment. You excel in communication and relationship building. Your ideal role might be as an IT consultant focusing on business analysis, project management, or implementation. Discover our job openings!

**Mostly C's: The Learning IT Consultant**

You are a curious professional with a passion for continuous development. You are eager to learn and can quickly pick up new technologies. Your career path might be in cloud computing, data science, or IT security. Apply for our job openings!

**Still Unsure?**

No problem! IT consultancy is a broad field with diverse specializations. Contact us for a no-obligation conversation. We are happy to help you find your ideal career path within IT consultancy!