Codegarden 2024: Innovation and Inspiration from the Heart of the Tech Community
Thomas Claessens 19/06/2024

Codegarden 2024: Innovation and Inspiration from the Heart of the Tech Community

Codegarden 2024 was once again an exceptional experience, filled with inspiring sessions and groundbreaking ideas. As a company, we participated online this year, which gave us the opportunity to attend some of the most influential sessions. Here, we share our highlights from four informative presentations that particularly inspired us.


What's Coming in 15 and Beyond

This session offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of Umbraco version 15 and beyond. The presenters shared their vision for upcoming updates and features, including AI predictions, sustainability, caching capabilities, and security. This sets the stage for the future of content management, where flexibility and scalability are central.

Being Human

"Being Human" emphasized the importance of not forgetting the human side of AI. AI should support people, not replace them. This session reminded us that empathy and user experience are crucial elements in designing our digital solutions. This aligns seamlessly with our company philosophy of developing customer-centric products.

Blending AI with Umbraco: Unlocking Extraordinary Opportunities

This session explored the exciting possibilities of AI in combination with Umbraco. From automated content creation to advanced data analysis, the integration of AI can dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital projects. This opens up new doors for innovative applications and offers us the opportunity to improve our services.

Oh What the Future Holds! Where to Next for Workflow?

A look at the future of workflow within Umbraco gave us insight into how processes can be further optimized. New features and improvements are designed to enhance collaboration and productivity, helping customers deliver content faster and with higher quality.


Codegarden 2024 has once again provided us with fresh insights and new energy to keep thinking ahead and innovating. Through these sessions, we have gained valuable knowledge that we can apply directly to our daily work. We look forward to implementing the latest technologies and concepts to serve our customers even better.

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