Managed network with our FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer solution
Pieter van Gelooven 14/11/2023

Managed network with our FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer solution

What is FortiManager? 

FortiManager is used for centrally managing various Fortinet products. It allows you to easily make central configuration changes and apply them across various devices. Additionally, it provides central insight into relevant firmware updates and configuration backups.

You can also use FortiManager to centrally provide FortiGuard updates for your Fortinet components. The integrated VPN and switch manager complete its functionality.

What is FortiAnalyzer? 

FortiAnalyzer provides a central logging function for your Fortinet solutions. The advantage of a centralized logging function is a holistic view of your infrastructure. This is an important step in the development of a Security Operation Center (SOC). The integrated Indicator of Compromises (IoC) function proactively informs you if there are compromised hosts or servers in the network.

Focus on your core business with our FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer solution 

We handle the firmware updates, provide the necessary storage resources, and have a redundant connection with all major carriers, creating ideal conditions to connect your various locations – even globally if desired. Since our server location is in Belgium, the strict data protection guidelines of the European Union can also be guaranteed. This provides additional value compared to the manufacturer's own cloud solution.

We offer you the option to purchase the functions of both products as a service or as an add-on for your managed firewall. Here, we rely on the special FortiAnalyzer because it still has the "Indicators of Compromises" function, thus offering a clear added value over the integrated analysis function of FortiManager.