Managed Network

A managed network is the backbone of your business operations: it involves the management, monitoring, and optimization of your network infrastructure. At ABC-Groep, we ensure the seamless functioning of your network, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Our solution offers tangible benefits, including enhanced security with proactive threat detection and response, maximum reliability through continuous monitoring, minimization of downtime through preventive maintenance, scalability that grows with your business, and cost-effectiveness through resource optimization.

Central network management

We provide an advanced and integrated solution for managing your network devices, all from one central console. This allows us to fully manage your network equipment and provides us with a clear overview of all your devices. If desired, your internal network administrators can also access this console.

Thanks to automation and seamless integration with the security architecture of the Fortinet Security Fabric, we provide a solid foundation for securing and optimizing your network.

Our solution extends the capabilities of network administrators by offering a comprehensive set of tools for centrally managing all your network devices, including firewalls, switches, access points, and more.

Automatic device configuration, backups, and revision controls make daily administrative tasks easier. This way, it's possible to track and review configuration changes.

ABC-Groep also provides management of support licenses and ensures that your devices stay up to date through patch management.

Central network management

Thorough analysis of network traffic

If desired, we implement centralized logging and analysis to gain insight into network traffic.

The system seamlessly integrates with devices and applications, transforming raw data into actionable insights. This overview helps reduce operational bottlenecks, enhances security with both historical and real-time insights, and empowers our team to consistently act proactively. The ABC-Groep team can manage your network security more effectively, automate security processes, and swiftly respond to threats, as the system provides automatic threat detection for potential network breaches.

We provide our clients with a report on network status and incidents that occurred during that period. Log files are analyzed and maintained in accordance with NIS2 regulations.

At ABC-Groep, we have expertise in both IT and OT infrastructures.

Thorough analysis of network traffic

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