Save time, money and expertise

The managed meeting rooms of ABC have evolved from a managed meeting space to a fully supported collaboration experience. The meeting rooms offer a seamless meeting experience for working from home or in the office. By implementing the right tools, equipment, support, and training, you can enjoy an incredible meeting experience with one click, fully supported in real-time. If you want to enhance your meeting room experience, our team will identify the right hardware, manage the installation, organize in-depth user training, and provide ongoing, industry-leading support.

Save time, money and expertise

Create a unique meeting experience

Fully Supported:
Through our service desk, your staff will have access to ask any questions regarding the managed meeting rooms.

Customized for Productivity:
Enhance your meeting experience with hardware and processes tailored to your exact needs.

Established Standards:
We have equipped various meeting rooms with the right configuration to establish hardware standards that enable remote monitoring and management, including remote software updates.

End-User Training:
Our team provides end-user training during installation or, if you prefer, remote training via Teams, also available on request.

Flexible Purchasing:
Purchase or lease your meeting room hardware according to your preference. Flexible leasing options are available upon request.

Effective Collaboration in the Office:
As hybrid workers require new accommodations, you can motivate them to return to the office with a collaboration experience like no other.

Discover our interactive whiteboards

Discover the power of interactive whiteboards, designed to elevate presentations and meetings to new heights by fostering collaboration among colleagues. These versatile interactive whiteboards find applications in various situations, particularly in presentations or training sessions. With convenient features such as note-taking, use of drawing tools, and displaying videos/images, team members are encouraged to collaborate and present ideas in a visual manner.

When purchasing an interactive whiteboard, there are important considerations that influence your choice. Consider the right size, so the screen seamlessly integrates into your space. Additionally, resolution plays a crucial role, with higher resolutions providing sharper images and text. Don't forget to check the connectivity options; sufficient connectivity options for your devices are essential, and easy connection facilitates usage. Also, explore additional functionalities, such as the ability to make annotations on the screen. Explore even whiteboards with built-in speakers, allowing you to effortlessly play audio during your presentations or meetings.

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss together which whiteboard is most suitable for the needs of your organization.

Discover our interactive whiteboards

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