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At Beyond-it, we understand the importance of efficiently managing your business documents. We specialize in implementing document management within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. With our expertise, we help your organization collaborate seamlessly and securely, share documents, streamline version control, and enhance overall productivity.

We assist in setting up and implementing Microsoft 365 within your organization, allowing you to leverage the full suite of productivity tools. For implementing document management, we utilize SharePoint Online and Power Automate.

Digital strategy

The transition to the digital workplace has an impact on your company culture and business processes. Are you eager to harness the numerous possibilities of the Microsoft 365 platform but find yourself overwhelmed with options? Or are you concerned about starting with the wrong foundation only to have to restart shortly after? Through our strategic consultancy, we assist your organization in making the right choices.

Version control

Everyone is familiar with the issue of multiple versions of a single document circulating (often via email), leading to information loss or requiring significant manual effort to merge changes from different authors. Automatic version control and a streamlined way of collaborating on documents prevent this issue. With version control, previous edits can always be restored if needed.

Version control

Document templates

Door documenttypes te definiëren en gebruik te maken van documentsjablonen wordt het proces van het creëren van nieuwe documenten efficiënter en gestroomlijnder. Bovendien is het mogelijk om automatisch eigenschappen van een document op te nemen in een sjabloon.

Vaak worden documenten gemaakt en voorbereid door een beperkte groep gebruikers voordat ze beschikbaar worden gesteld aan iedereen binnen de organisatie. Om een document algemeen beschikbaar te maken, moet het vaak door een goedkeuringsproces gaan. Dit kan variëren van eenvoudige goedkeuringen door één persoon tot een uitgebreid beoordelings- en goedkeuringsproces in verschillende stappen.

Document templates

Digital signatures

Digital signatures provide a secure and efficient way to sign and verify documents, enabling legally binding transactions without physical presence. These can be integrated into your DMS (Document Management System) either as a separate functionality or as part of your approval processes.

Digital signatures

Task Management

Microsoft 365 offers advanced tools like Microsoft To Do and Planner to organize and delegate tasks. With personalized task lists and visual planning, you can efficiently manage your daily workload. Setting priorities, tracking deadlines, and coordinating team tasks become easier than ever. With task management in Microsoft 365, you stay organized, focused, and in control, leading to increased productivity and better results for yourself and your team.

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