About Ubidata

Ubidata develops and commercializes mobile logistic solutions. They assist companies in tracking, analyzing, and optimizing their fleets and goods flows. Over the years, they have gained extensive experience in the food, pharmaceutical, and distribution sectors, both in road transport and multimodal transport. They count several leading European companies among their clients.

Ubidata needed a partner with extensive, broad knowledge and experience in infrastructure and databases to complement internal staff expertise.

Desired solution

Ubidata and ABC-Groep join forces for an optimal infrastructure! ABC-Groep provides full support, management, and monitoring of Ubidata's server park and collaborates with Ubidata to ensure their infrastructure runs optimally.

The Managed Services department of ABC-Groep proactively manages their environment and intervenes immediately where necessary, without adopting a passive approach.

Desired solution


It's a strategic choice for Ubidata to recently transition to an all-in service contract with ABC-Groep. With full confidence, Ubidata entrusts the management of its server park to ABC-Groep, allowing them to fully focus on their core business.