About Herbafrost

Our client Herbafrost, a Belgian producer in the world of frozen herbs for over 20 years, like many other companies, had an outdated physical mail server.

About Herbafrost

Desired Solution

Herbafrost is in need of a new secure environment that is up-to-date. The first step in a mail server migration is to transfer the existing Herbafrost email accounts one by one. Next, we initiate a mailbox migration where we move all your old emails to the new mail server. Your folder structure remains intact. In essence, nothing changes for Herbafrost; the new email account is created with the same credentials. With our migration software, we can quickly and efficiently move files and data from outdated systems to the Cloud.


From now on, Herbafrost doesn't need to invest in the purchase and maintenance of a mail server. Additionally, the significant advantage is that their email, calendar, and contacts are always securely available and easily shareable with colleagues, no matter if they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.




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