Thon Hotels wanted to provide a way to reward guests who opted out of daily room cleaning with a voucher. The existing devices used for this purpose were no longer supported, leading them to seek a new solution. This led to our collaboration to develop an application. This application was a custom-built Android application for a kiosk, along with a parallel website.


First, we collaborated with the client to understand the current flow and then proceeded to develop the application from scratch, while also considering additional functionalities desired by the client. We agreed to move away from the current method of making donations and instead replace it with QR codes that could be used both at kiosks and at the bar.



The hotel staff utilizes an Android application built based on an Angular application with the Ionic framework layered on top to create the Android application. This setup allows them to fallback to a website if necessary. Alongside the website, the Java backend and the SQL Server run on an Azure cloud environment.


Hotel guests can now make a donation at the kiosk in the hotel or use their QR code at the bar to receive a discount on a beverage. The staff responsible for cleaning the rooms can reactivate used codes and distribute them to guests who opt out of room cleaning. Management has the ability to generate QR codes at any time, which are then delivered via email to the appropriate hotel.



ABC-Groep also provides maintenance and support for the developed application for Thon Hotels. We ensure that the application continues to function properly, and our development team is available to address any questions or issues that may arise afterward.

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The pleasant collaboration was characterized by the accessibility and availability of the ABC-Groep team.

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