How to earn more and pay less in taxes?
Youri Vanderleyden 19/03/2018

How to earn more and pay less in taxes?

If you're looking for a new challenge, the salary package plays an important role. But earning more often also means paying more taxes. You have probably experienced this unfortunately when you received a raise. Fortunately, there are a whole range of alternative benefits your employer can offer you.

These flexible forms of remuneration are often easier to implement in a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) than in a multinational. These alternative remuneration methods provide a raise without paying more taxes:

1) Contribution to the payment of heating, electricity, and other personal expenses for home office, also known as the office allowance (approximately 120 euros per month).

2) Ironing services and/or grocery service offered by the company. (you can negotiate together with various colleagues)

3) More time (extra vacation days instead of money).

4) A company bicycle with all accessories.

5) A 6 wheels lease contract: companies can lease a car and a bike in the same contract. The car is then slightly cheaper, but you get a nice racing bike included.

6) Extra net allowances (also for car wash and car).

7) Bonuses for birthdays, births, and weddings (ask your boss for a birthday gift).

8) Sports and culture at the expense of the boss: your employer can purchase culture vouchers for you or reimburse your gym membership (up to 100 euros per year free from social security and taxes).

9) Split fuel card: If you like riding a motorcycle or Vespa in the summer, a split fuel card lets you fill up both your car and your motorcycle.

10) The boss pays (part of) your childcare. Employers can reimburse up to 50 euros per month for childcare.

11) Stock options and warrants: Instead of a bonus at the end of the year, you can ask for some stock options. It's cheaper for the boss and yourself. And you get an extra connection with your company!

Are you going to walk into your boss's office tomorrow with this list? 
Then we wish you much success in your negotiations :)