ABC Group at AI5050: A Glimpse into the Future of AI
Dave Brouwers 03/06/2024

ABC Group at AI5050: A Glimpse into the Future of AI

It is always exciting when we get the chance to participate in events that provide us with insights into the future of our industry. Recently, two of our colleagues at ABC Group had the honor of attending the prestigious AI5050 event.

AI5050, a leading event in the world of artificial intelligence, brought together experts and enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the field. Our colleagues were impressed by the depth and breadth of the topics covered, from machine learning and data analysis to ethical considerations in AI.

There were too many interesting sessions to mention them all, so here is a small selection:

·         AI will(not) replace us all - How to prepare your company for the age of AI – Helene Minge Olsen

·         AI Do's and Don'ts. Practical tips to set you up for success – Eva Champagne

·         AI powered code conversions and migrations – Vince Nys

These tips will also be taken into account by our colleagues in the future:

·         We can never blindly adopt AI output, but must critically examine it.

·         Let AI take over tasks to increase productivity, for example, writing unit tests or documentation.

·         Don't linger too long in the research phase; move on to the try-out phase.

·         When prompting, provide context in your prompt. AI knows a lot but needs context to answer accurately.

The quote that stuck most with our colleagues is:

“AI will not replace us, but people using AI will.”

We look forward to the next AI5050 and the opportunity to continue learning and growing in this rapidly evolving field!

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