Together stronger in the IT market

ABC-Groep is a service provider committed to delivering IT services and related solutions. For over 25 years, our vision has remained focused on providing consultancy services and solutions. Our own employees and freelancers are active in Belgium and the Netherlands. As a freelancer, we can deploy your expertise to assist and advise clients. We strongly believe in long-term collaboration. This is achieved by taking the time to get to know you: your ambitions, strengths, and interests. What you definitely want to do and what you absolutely don't want to do. If your ambitions change during an assignment, we would like to hear about it, and together we will look for a new ideal assignment.

Together stronger in the IT market

Why choose for ABC-Groep?

Access to a broader network: ABC-Groep has a large network of clients and/or freelancers, giving you access to more assignments than you might be able to find on your own. We assist in finding the right assignment for your skills and expertise.

Less administrative burden: As a consultancy company, we take care of most of your administrative tasks, such as invoicing, payments, and contract management.

Payments: ABC-Groep will help you mitigate the risk of non-payment or fraud. We can also assist you in getting insured, as some companies demand high amounts in case of damages or negligence.

Risk mitigation: We also act as an intermediary to help you resolve disputes with clients. We always strive to discuss contract extensions with the client if desired and negotiate contract improvements if necessary.

Support: ABC-Groep will provide support in your work, such as finding information, answering questions, or resolving any issues that may arise. If desired, we can also assist you in developing your skills and expertise. You can participate in ABC-Groep activities and technical sessions.

Why choose for ABC-Groep?


Correct and prompt payment.

Single point of contact, avoiding multiple contacts.

Benefit from ABC-Groep's client portfolio.


Are you ready to give your freelance career a boost? Then contact us. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you. Hopefully, we can have lunch together soon and toast to a collaboration!

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